Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Orleans and Train Wreck

The Times Picayune says: "Mixing anecdotes, arguments and his own, quirky persona, the author of “Against Happiness” delivers a provocative meditation on morbid curiosity and the pleasure of seeing others suffer."


  1. Hi Eric, I just finished reading Against Happiness and wanted to let you know how refreshing I found it. I actually found it last week in the library when I, overwhelmed and freaking out, thumbed thru the entire philosophy/happiness/psychology section and picked up about 5 books; one about everything i need to know i learned in kindergarten, the lost art of happiness, making the change for good, one about boredom, and i looked thru the suicide books but they were all unoriginal, religious, and not what i would be into. And I saw Against Happiness and was really intrigued by the summary; i had never seen a book that proclaimed it's fine to be, and even good to feel depression/anxiety/etc... except of course the publications of The Icarus Project, a beautiful radical mental health collective that vies for reclamation of our "dangerous gifts." I recommend checking them out, and particularly Navigating The Space Between Brilliance and Madness.
    I just wanted to say thanx for putting Against Happiness out in the world. It resonated or whatever within me in a really intense personal way and shook me up and teared me up and pumped me up, hitting the right nerves (of truth? my truth? a shared truth?) with in me. I found myself not wanting it to be done, and this is partly because I was looking for "an answer." I wanted to solve my "problem" and heal for good, which on some level I know is false, and on some level I still seek out. Feeling torn between extremes in my life, this is the only thing I find consistency in, and I struggle to accept that. Against Happiness definitely feels validating to me, and has a special place in my heart as a valuable tool in my search for being not just ok, but STOKED on my lack of consistency, my ups and downs, and my paradoxes. I feel like the culture i was raised in does not teach us how to be anything but normal and "productive" (making money, procreating) and I resent and recognize the futility in this way of existing and want something better. So yes thanx for writing i really appreciate it and have already started "...Train Wreck." and am super eager to read your other books, too.

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