Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Orleans and Train Wreck

The Times Picayune says: "Mixing anecdotes, arguments and his own, quirky persona, the author of “Against Happiness” delivers a provocative meditation on morbid curiosity and the pleasure of seeing others suffer."

The Joy of Killing Wordsworth

My Paris Review meditation on the difficulty of loving William Wordsworth, especially in the Lake District, his home region.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Boston Globe Reviews Train Wreck

The Boston Globe says: “[Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck] reassures: enjoying grotesque, horrible, frightening images is a natural impulse. From fairy tales to crime dramas, they hit us where we are most human.”

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Why We Need Zombies and Vampires more than They Need Us

Books and Culture on the Christian implications of morbid curiosity

Books and Culture reviews Train Wreck, noting important relationships between the Christian passion and morbid curiosity.

The Dallas Morning News reviews Train Wreck

 The Dallas Morning News says: “Wilson is provocative, entertaining and above all honest.”

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NPR reviews Train Wreck

NPR says of Train Wreck: “Eric G. Wilson’s smart, probing new book . . . sets out to explain what lies beneath our collective fascination with death and suffering . . . Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck isn’t some holier-than-thou polemic out to cure us of our dark leanings . . . Instead, it simply aims to help readers gain ‘a fulfilling response to two of life’s greatest, most pressing and persistent questions. What is the meaning of suffering? What is the significance of death? . . . The book’s slim, peripatetic chapters cover an awful lot of erudite territory, as Wilson draws ideas and research from a delightful grab bag of academics, artists and thinkers. Aristotle, Freud, Kant, Goya and Hardy all make appearances, alongside an assortment of sociopaths and serial murderers.”

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The Atlanta Journal Constitution Reviews Train Wreck

The Atlanta Journal Constitution review of Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck: